Our Services

Courtney Consulting Group’s consultants are known for combining I/O psychology principles, research, and knowledge with solid, practical business experience to provide the best possible consultation and insights to our clients!

All of our services are generally delivered remotely unless otherwise requested. The benefits of virtual assessments include:

  • Big savings on travel expenses
  • The ability to have more candidates assessed
  • Less time required for the selection process
  • Great for out-of-town clients/candidates

Leadership Development and Coaching

Our clients ask us for help in solving workplace problems that are too complex, long-standing, or time-consuming to be resolved internally. They need our help both in defining the problem and in implementing strategies that will solve the immediate issues and achieve lasting change.

We can help:

  • When a team member has the potential to be more productive.
  • To assist with onboarding when a person is starting a new position or role.
  • When they are about to promote or have already promoted someone to expanded responsibilities.
  • When they want to develop future leaders across the organization.
  • When there is a performance problem they cannot seem to work through.
  • When a leadership team could use some guidance to work together more effectively.

In response to these needs, we have developed a simple, effective process of individual coaching. Beginning with an intense period of one-on-one work, we may facilitate a meeting with the person’s manager and work sessions with direct reports.

While no two assignments are the same, the basic phases and underlying principles are constant:

Phases of individual coaching at olson consulting group

Coaching Programs

As a natural extension of our assessment services or as a standalone process, coaching is the ideal way for companies to help their employees grow and develop in many ways that ultimately impact the bottom line.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching program begins with an executive assessment and any additional input as necessary, such as interviews with board members and clients or an online multi-rater feedback report.

The program continues with a developmental feedback session, then three to twelve coaching sessions. The deliverables for this coaching program include an action plan (developed jointly by the consultant and the executive) for meeting both behavioral objectives and long-term strategic business objectives.

Management Coaching

Our management coaching program emphasizes leveraging a manager’s strengths and accountability to make progress toward specific behavioral objectives.

This process begins with a management assessment. A developmental feedback session initiates the remaining three to eight coaching sessions. The deliverables include an action plan jointly developed by the consultant and the participating manager. Additionally, the program may include one or more meetings with the manager’s supervisor to discuss the action plan, review progress, and identify support areas.

Development Coaching

Development coaching is a very popular short-term program for professional-level employees, supervisors, or mid-level managers. The focus of this program is to help individuals better understand their style, strengths, and limitations, and to identify ways of improving performance.

This program is directed toward a limited set of high-priority development objectives in addition to our key accountability features. An assessment and feedback precede the remaining three to five sessions, during which a development plan is formulated and implemented. The program may also include one or more meetings with the manager.

Career Coaching & Transition Coaching

A customized coaching plan—complete with goal setting and assignments—can be created for any person at any level. Our individual coaching plans can also be tailored to meet job-related transition needs.

This ultimate resource for transition includes any of the following services:

  • Skills assessment and feedback
  • Coaching on change management related to loss of job
  • Career consultation
  • Assistance in preparing resumés and letters
  • Interviewing practice and skills
  • Job search preparation, including skill-building, search and networking strategies, informational interviewing, and research
leadership development and coaching from CCG

Leadership Selection Assessments

Selection and development assessments for executives, managers, and supervisors have been a core piece of our business for many years. We believe that assessing an individual’s styles, strengths, motivators, and limitations is critical to both job fit and development. If hired, this information can be invaluable in the onboarding process. In addition, we incorporate the individual’s fit with the organizational culture.

Our assessments are administered by professional staff and are conducted by experienced consultants. All assessments can be done virtually or in person at our offices or the client’s site.

The benefits of virtual assessments include:

  • Big savings on travel expenses
  • The ability to have more candidates assessed
  • Less time required for the selection process
  • Great for out-of-town clients/candidates
Executive Assessment
  • A high-level assessment for senior positions such as President, CEO, CFO, COO, CAO, and Vice President.
  • It evaluates executive leadership qualities such as setting and driving a vision for a division or organization.
Leadership Assessment
  • A mid-level assessment for management positions.
  • This assessment evaluates an individual’s fit with an existing organizational strategy and how well they can assist in implementing such strategies through managing people and other resources of an organization.
Selection Assessments

Organizational Development

Experience in organizational structures and restructuring is a key consideration when looking for management consultants to help evaluate your processes and systems to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Whatever the development needs of your organization are,  CCG ensures you will have the experience and knowledge you require.

Services include...
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Talent Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Visioning
  • Organizational Change
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Development Planning
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Management Evaluation
Organizational Development

Team Development & Training

Courtney Consulting Group has developed a wide array of workshop available to our clients for team or organizational development. We often combine group workshops with individual coaching for the highest impact on an organization’s effectiveness.

We deliver affordable workshops and team development sessions are always customized to fit the needs, goals, and objectives of our clients.

Types of Workshops
  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching Skills Workshop©
  • Joint Problem-Solving and Conflict Management
  • Listening and Communication Skills
  • Team Appreciation and Development
  • Developing and Leveraging Your Leadership Style
  • MBTI® Workshop
  • Understanding the Systems in Your Workplace
  • Leading in Systems
  • Navigating Successfully through Change
  • Leading in Change
Team Development and Training

Carol Lynn Courtney, Ph.D.

Dr. Courtney consults in the areas of Executive Coaching, Individual Assessment, Organization Development, Team Facilitation, Selection and Development Systems. She has been an invited speaker and lecturer in the areas of competency modeling, organization change, and management and team development.

Dr. Courtney spent close to 20 years working in various management and executive roles in companies such as Quaker Oats, Motorola, Pillsbury, and Malt-O-Meal. She is a member of the Association for Psychological Type (APT) and also MPPAW (Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work) where she was formerly the Vice President of Programs. 

Carol Lynn engages in a variety of volunteer work with non-profits and ensures that an ongoing percentage of her practice goes to pro bono work.

Richard D. Olson, Ph.D., L.P.

Dick Olson consults in the areas of executive and management appraisal, selection testing, executive coaching, leadership development, and organizational change. He has worked with a range of professionals from first line supervisors to CEO’s in America’ s largest companies, including manufacturing organizations as well as leading professional service firms.

Prior to starting Olson Consulting Group, he was vice president of a large consulting firm and an executive in a Fortune 200 firm. He is a former President of Minnesota Professionals for Psychology Applied to Work (MPPAW).

Dr. Olson enjoys running, swimming, and minor house maintenance. He usually takes time off in the summer to go mountain climbing, and spends his time at home maintaining his collection of antique automobiles.