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Led by Dr. Carol Lynn Courtney, we specialize in executive coaching, executive selection, management selection, development assessment, organization development, and team development. Let us help you make the most effective use of your most vital resource!

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Welcome to Courtney Consulting Group

We value close partnerships with our clients and provide them with high quality service, including the benefit of working directly with senior consultants. Our approach to our work is to focus on strengths while addressing limitations. These approaches have proven successful in terms of business outcomes again and again.

leadership development and coaching from CCG

Leadership Development & Coaching

Our coaching services provide the professional development that everyone needs at one time or another. Whether it is to enhance professional impact, to be more productive, to transition well, or to increase leadership skills for future roles, we can help.

Selection Assessments

Selection Assessments

Our selection assessments and appraisals give you the in-depth information about your top candidates so you can make an offer to the best person for the job. Matching people to jobs is a CCG specialty. We have experience in many fields and industries, and we have an assessment appropriate for each level in your organization.

Organizational Development

Organizational Development

We affect positive changes through organizational reflection, analysis, planning, and system improvement. These types of organization-wide initiatives help companies to be more effective and to better adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges.

Team Development and Training

Team Development & Training

While we can provide training in many areas, our teamwork sessions get at the heart of a team and give them the tools necessary to perform their best. We explore common team development topics such as conflict management, navigating successfully through change, and our innovative Coaching Skills Workshop©.

Life in the Center™

Though we talk about the various dimensions of our lives, many of us tend to live our lives putting Work in the Center and making other aspects of our lives fit our work. Dr. Courtney has applied her expertise and years of experience in successful coaching engagements to create a unique solution to this misalignment and work toward more life/work integration.

Coaching with this focus can help an individual:

  • Be more resilient and purposeful in their choices and transitions
  • Be the proactive author of their life, living in a more meaningful way
  • Make more informed decisions about how to approach their work and contribute to the achievement of business goals
  • Identify ways in which they may be getting in their own way or limiting themselves
  • Be more energized at work and at home to avoid burnout
Dr. Courtney can help you explore how to put your Life in the Center and work from a strength-based focus, using a more holistic and integrated approach. Learn how a shift in work from a fear of failure or need to prove oneself in the workplace to using a more integrated and resilience-focused process can positively impact productivity and your life overall.

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Get Results with Lasting Impact

  • We provide hope and optimism about change, while also being honest and direct.
  • We do not sidestep tough or delicate issues, nor do we blame, manipulate, or scapegoat.
  • We support people to take risks while respecting their internal and external constraints.
  • The changes last; they are not short-term.
  • You can count on our professional credentials and our personal integrity. We have many years of experience both in business and in management consulting.
  • Our objective perspective brings fresh air to critical or long-standing situations. Where other expertise is helpful, we provide referrals.

Our Consultants

In addition to our full suite of online testing, we have experienced consultants nationwide who are eager to help you and your business.



Much of our work is through client referrals. Our client list ranges from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses.

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We are experts in this industry with over 25 years of experience.  Call today at (952) 830-1190 to learn how we can help your business!