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Testimonials from Courtney Consulting Group Clients

The Courtney Consulting Group has a talented team of industrial/organizational psychologists with practical business experience. We specialize in executive coaching, executive selection, management selection, development assessment, organization and team development. Just ask our clients!

“With incredible passion and focus on meeting customer needs, Carol Lynn has supported the Data Quality Campaign’s evolution from a virtual time-limited effort to a permanent non-profit education advocacy organization.

Working with each staff member to gain a better understanding of his/her working/learning styles and preferences as well as that of their colleagues, and through in depth coaching of our directors, Carol Lynn has helped us build a strong, team-oriented organization. When it came time to hire a deputy director, her knowledge of our team and her ability to provide actionable analysis of the candidates allowed us to make a perfect hire for our organization.
If you are looking for leadership coaching, management development, and/or team building, Courtney Consulting Group can provide great value to your efforts.”

Aimee Rogstad Guidera, Executive Director
Data Quality Campaign

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“I have worked with Carol Lynn for over 15 years on leadership development and coaching projects.  She takes a comprehensive approach to her work providing an excellent assessment, feedback and coaching process. 

Her down-to-earth and positive style allows leaders to roll up their sleeves and gain insight as they develop themselves and their teams. She has worked with front line plant leaders to Directors across many of our businesses and functions. 

I appreciate her collaboration with my learning and development group to ensure she functions as an extension of us as she works with our leaders.”

Betsy Kaczmarowski, Director, Learning + Development + Inclusion
Donaldson Company Inc.

“In my work with Carol Lynn Courtney I have found her to take a very common sense approach to coaching, meeting the person where they are in order to ensure learning, growth, and progress. Beyond the science behind her work, Carol Lynn’s warmth, respect, and genuine interest in her clients’ success leads to sustainable change and win-win solutions.”

Clydie Douglass, Chief Diversity Officer
3M Company

“Carol Lynn helped lead our senior team through a detailed 360 leadership development process. Her approach and follow-up were very thorough and impressive. We refer to the information in the reports often as we manage our business through the challenges of explosive growth. Dr. Courtney would be a great resource for any business facing similar challenges and opportunities.”

Mike Moroz, President
Archway Marketing

“I want to thank you very much for all your hard work and efforts in making yesterday’s leadership education session a success. You certainly reinforced and assisted us in continuing to learn key leadership principles in coaching, etc.

It was entertaining and a lot of fun to see the group respond in the manner they did yesterday. You have certainly brought to our St. Luke’s team a new meaning in having fun and to learn how to be a good leader.

Our relationship with you has made us a much stronger organization to face the challenges that continue to present themselves to us. Thanks again and we will be in touch with you soon!”

Ronald P. Franzen, Vice President
St. Luke’s

“I am grateful to the Courtney Consulting Group for the partnership over the past 8 years.  Partnering with Carol Lynn and her team in the areas of supervisor selection, and in leadership development on an individual basis as well as a team level, have allowed our facility to progress to the next level to remain competitive and profitable.  For us the process started with the leadership selection process, and then into assessing individual strengths, limitations, and styles, and progressing into team development work by setting action plans based on the individual work.  This allows individuals to function better in the team environment.

The true benefit of working with the Courtney Consulting Group has been that individual leaders can understand their strengths and limitations, leverage those strengths, continue to develop those limitations, and function more effectively as a team member.  The goal from day one was to develop leaders with a broader perspective, seeing past their functional responsibilities and becoming more like general managers, and based on our overall results, we have been very successful.”

Thomas L. Carlson, Plant Manager
Donaldson Co, Inc.

“Carol Lynn worked with the MIM leadership team as we were preparing to open our Museum. She assisted the team in developing good working relationships while ensuring they were all focused on the mission of celebrating similarities and differences. Her sessions helped the team to develop a positive culture and environment for the entire MIM team. With a condensed opening schedule she did an excellent job of bringing the team together and helping them to understand the goals and mission of MIM.”

Bob Ulrich, Chairman
MIM – Musical Instrument Museum

“Carol Lynn helps us invest in our most important assets – our people. She has worked with a number of executives in our organization to help strengthen their individual leadership and management skills and help work teams function at a higher level.”

Jayne Miller, Superintendent
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

“I have had the opportunity to work with Carol Lynn on several supervisory development projects as well as individual management and leadership team development work. Courtney Consulting is always professional and handles the projects with confidentiality.  The project plans are based on thorough conversations and collaboration between Carol Lynn and her client(s).  Carol Lynn’s professional expertise combined with her practical knowledge allows her to provide a service that goes beyond textbook application.

My team has become a high performing leadership team through our work with Courtney Consulting.  Carol Lynn’s past experience as a front-line supervisor, gains her credibility when working with group leaders and supervisors. She can relate to their experiences and the daily challenges they face as well as provide examples of solutions she has personally implemented.

I have worked with Carol Lynn to develop a supervisory leadership program that included an assessment package to use when evaluating candidates. This program also provided coaching sessions to the candidate awarded the position.  We have had three supervisors chosen through this program, each with limited previous leadership experience.  All three are successful in their positions today.

I have participated in several leadership coaching sessions with Courtney Consulting.  Carol Lynn is a great listener and is very insightful.  With her breadth of experience and knowledge, we can have very relevant and meaningful sessions together.”

Sheri Weber, Operations Manager
Donaldson Company, Inc., Baldwin WI